Horse Quiz #1

As most of you know by now I totally love horses and I like to say I know a lot about them. How much do you know about horses?? Take this quiz to find out……………….. Post you answers in the comments πŸ™‚

1.How old do horses normally live to?

A) 100

B) 30

C) 40young-horse-and-old-horse-hd-horses-wallpapers

2.If a horse is called bay, what does that mean?

A) The horse was born on the coast

B) The horse loves swimming

C) The horse has a brown coat with a black mane and tail

3.What is your horse telling you when its ears are pricked?

A) “Life is very interesting, isn’t it”

B) “I love you”

C) “I am angry, don’t come near me”ears pricked

4.Where is a horse’s hock??

A) Between it’s ears

B) The pointy bit in the middle of the horses hind legs

C) The top of the horses tailthoroughbred-conformation

Have a great day!!!

Kailani&Starlight xx



6 thoughts on “Horse Quiz #1

  1. 1. 30
    2. c
    3. a
    4. b
    cool blog i live in wa on a cattle station near meekatharra and we have 15 horses it is great fun i enjoy going in adventures on my mare promise

    Liked by 1 person

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