Poems By Kailani


Trees rustle nearby

Waves are pounding on the beach

Wind blowing gently

~Kailani Clifton~



We dance in the wind

Our bark is rough and ridged

We are the strong ones

~Kailani Clifton~

Dilli Waterhole:

A tranquil place is Dilli Waterhole

A tranquil place that refills my soul

Swimming, diving, floating

This place is not for boating

And when I’m done there, home I’ll roll

~Kailani Clifton~

Gerroweea Creek:

Clear water sparkling

Native Bees on lilly blooms 

Smell the earthy air

~Kailani Clifton~


Jellyfish was getting bored,

He wondered what to do.

So he took a ride,

Upon a wahoo.


Jellyfish was having fun,

Until he looked and saw.

Wahoo was drifing,

Too close to shore.


Jellyfish was worried so he said,

“lets get back to sea”

Wahoo repiled and nodded

“I’ll try if you help me”

Jellyfish and wahoo swam,

They got back out to sea.

“See you again” Jellyfish said

“Thank you for spending time with me”

~Kailani Clifton~




The Rain:

I like it when the rain comes,

It rejuvenates everything.

I like it when the rain comes,

It makes me feel like singing

The rain is so beautiful,

So clear and so light.

The rain is so beautiful,

As it covers earth and holds on tight.

~Kailani Clifton~





Please Note: I will continue to make poems and put them on this page so check in every now and then.


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