Jumping with a Friend

For the last week I have a had a friend on the island to play with. She came to the island for the holidays with her cousins and we all had a great time together.   Today we did some jumping. I rode Starlight for a bit and then Vanilla while Rachael (my friend) rode … Continue reading Jumping with a Friend


I am 11!!

So on the 10 of September I turned 11! I am now a tweenager 🙂 On the day Mum took me horse riding on the beach at Rainbow Beach. I went with the Rainbow Beach Horse Rides team who I used to ride with a lot. Mum even rode with me!! She has not ridden … Continue reading I am 11!!

Whales and Horses

Hello!! The last two weekends I have a had a riding lesson and we have gone Humpback Whale Watching in Hervey Bay. I had some much fun both times!! Last Sunday morning I went out whale watching with my friend Maggie. We saw lots of whales and even a couple of turtles! We then went … Continue reading Whales and Horses

Oma and Opa come to the Island

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip to Carnarvon Gorge 🙂 Last week Oma and Opa came to the Island to visit us. We had lots of fun hanging out with them. On the first day we stayed at home because it was pouring and cold. We watched the Olympics and … Continue reading Oma and Opa come to the Island

Cool Carnarvon Gorge

Hey Everyone!! Last week my family went to Carnarvon Gorge for an adventure. We met up with my Oma and Opa there. Vanilla came with me 🙂 Carnarvon Gorge is a beautiful gorge in central west Queensland that was formed millions of years ago. It has been shaped by water for a long, long time … Continue reading Cool Carnarvon Gorge

Our Cousins Come to Visit!! Part One

Hello!! I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic day 🙂 I have some exciting news: Our cousins came to visit recently We have spent this week exploring K'gari with them and having lots of fun. We had 15 people staying in our house! Our Family, Ame's family (Aunty Kris, Uncle Troy, Aidan 16yrs, Taylor … Continue reading Our Cousins Come to Visit!! Part One

Spunky Spiders

Recently I have been seeing lots of spiders about. There are spider on the watering can, spider webs that Starlight and I run into on our trail rides, spiders about to lay there eggs on stair railings and spiders wandering around our house. I have identified two of the spiders: St Andrews Cross and Golden … Continue reading Spunky Spiders

Two Awesome Weekends: Part 2

Welcome back to my Two Awesome Weekends!! Part 2: Fun in Hervey Bay Guess what I did on Friday???? I won't give you time, HaHaHa!!! I had my second jumping lesson on horseback at the Wide Bay Equestrian Park!! I rode Allusion (Ally for short)  a bay, quarter horse mare who I have ridden lots … Continue reading Two Awesome Weekends: Part 2

Two Awesome Weekends: Part 1

Hello!!!! How is everyone's day/night going?? I have recently had two awesome weekends in a row and I want to tell you all about them!! Part 1: Camping in Conondale National park The first one was when Iluka, Dad and I went camping in the Conondale National Park. We had lots of fun swimming, taking … Continue reading Two Awesome Weekends: Part 1