Hey Everyone, This post is going to be a 'See ya later' to Kailani's Island Life, as I start my new blog and give this one a rest. I have included some recent pictures I have taken on Fraser Island and I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Landscape pictures: Family: Horses: And now we are … Continue reading Nayinbunna



Heya!! Sorry I haven't been posting (and sorry that the last post wasn't there) but I'm here now!! Here is an overview of the past 3 months in my life and some big news of mine. I hope you enjoy reading it! HorseCrazyKai xx

The Holidays are (almost) Here!!!

Hey everyone!! The holidays are almost here! Isn't it exciting? I'm sure you all have many things planned for this great (but very hot) time 🙂 Here is what has been happening over on Fraser Island: A few nights ago we were lucky to see a spectacular Fraser Island Lightning Show  from our front veranda! … Continue reading The Holidays are (almost) Here!!!

Sunday Adventures

Hello!!! Recently, we went for a Sunday adventure on the island. We didn't really know where we were going, we just headed off on the track towards The Declivity in the middle of the island. Our first stop was for a swim in Lake Allom, famous for all the freshies (turtles not crocodiles, Hahahaha!!!) Unfortunately, … Continue reading Sunday Adventures

A Bounty of Butterflies and Bees

Hello Everyone!! Guess what has been flying around our house in large numbers? Butterflies and Bees!! As you may know, my family has a hive of native bees and for the last week and half those bees have been swarming everywhere! Whenever you walk out the door you can swipe your hand through the air … Continue reading A Bounty of Butterflies and Bees

Beautiful Basin

Hello!! Today my family went for an adventure to Basin Lake which is inland on the island. It is a beautiful lake and always fun to hang out at. There is a little walk in there but it isn't long and its worth it 🙂 When we got there the lake was as beautiful as … Continue reading Beautiful Basin

Terrific Tamworth Part 2

Hello!! Here I present you with Terrific Tamworth Part 2. If you have read my last post Terrific Tamworth Part 1 you will know that I have in Tamworth NSW visiting my Nonna and Poppy. I have had such a wonderful time and I hope you have enjoyed reading about it.Anyway, this is what has … Continue reading Terrific Tamworth Part 2

Terrific Tamworth Part 1

Hello Everyone!! At the moment I am in Tamworth, New South Wales with my mum and Iluka, visiting my Nonna and Poppy. Vanilla and Starlight have come with me and they love hanging out with Nonna's chickens and chasing her sheep! So far I have had a great time. On Saturday morning I went for … Continue reading Terrific Tamworth Part 1

It’s Spring!

Hello Everyone! I am in Hervey Bay at the moment and our garden here is covered in flowers. There is so much colour around as all the flowers bloom, ready for the plant to fruit/set seed. Here are some of the beautiful flowers that I would like to show you: These beautiful lilies have been … Continue reading It’s Spring!