Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been really busy with the holidays and then the first term. Anyway, I’m here now!!

This is what has happened to me over the past 3 months:

  • Our family spent Christmas on Fraser Island and had a quiet day ourselves at Lake Birrabeen. Of course, I can’t mention Christmas without telling you what I got given so here you go: A couple of horse books, some horseshoe earrings, an iPod, some clothes and a couple of other things that I can’t remember.
  • My cousin Ame and her brothers (also my cousins) came to visit us in Hervey Bay for the New Year. Ame and I had soooooooo much fun together, swimming, riding hobby horses and we even stayed up until midnight on New Years Eve (the adults didn’t!!)!!
  • My family then went south to Tamworth, dropped Mum off (she was going to Sydney, then India) and Dad took Iluka and I further south to Lake Conjola. There we hung out with all the family on dads side. We had so much fun but when it was time to leave we (or at least I) were ready to leave.
  • Dad then drove Iluka and I back to Tamworth to stay as mum was still in India and he had to go back to Fraser for work. Iluka and I got to participate in the Country Music festival for the first time (Yay!) with Nonna and Poppy and we even got to see some lambs being born!! Oma and Opa picked us up at the end of the week to take us home. We had a little bit (okay, a big bit) of trouble getting home that involved a towbar breaking and us getting stuck in Towoomba but I won’t go into detail.
  • After some time spent on Fraser Island, Iluka, Mum and I headed back to Tamworth for Nonna’s surprise 60th birthday party. We got to catch up with lots of family, including my little one year old cousin Wylder. The last time I saw him he was six months old. I know, its not that long in the scheme of things, but babies grow so fast!!

Now for some big news: We have moved off Fraser Island!! It happened so fast: dad got a new job and so we moved to Hervey Bay in like a week. We had to throw out so much stuff because we didn’t realize how much we had!! But eventually we got it all to our tiny house here in Hervey Bay and we have almost unpacked it all now. I have mixed feelings about this. I have been saying for ages that I am ready to move but now it is actually happening I realize how sad I am to leave.

Now some other news: I am going to start a new blog! I have been setting it up and will release the link soon.

I hope all of you had a great last 3 three months like I did 🙂

HorseCrazyKai xxx


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