Sunday Adventures

Hello!!! Recently, we went for a Sunday adventure on the island. We didn’t really know where we were going, we just headed off on the track towards The Declivity in the middle of the island.

Our first stop was for a swim in Lake Allom, famous for all the freshies (turtles not crocodiles, Hahahaha!!!) Unfortunately, there were no turtles around when we got there. Oh well, we just had to swim around without them and we sure had fun!!

Then we went for a bit more of a drive through the open woodland/heath area where there were Banksia trees everywhere you looked. It was really pretty 🙂

We then found ourselves at Lake Coomboo, a very nice but very tanniny lake with organic matter lining the bottom. As yuck as it might sound, we went swimming!

We then finally found The Declivity, that Dad has been telling us about. It was nothing much, except a hole in the ground kind of like a crater (although I don’t think it was caused by a meteorite). I really don’t know what Dad was so obsessed with, it was sooooooooooooo BORING!!! At least the drive was really cool 🙂

The last place we visited was Boomerang Lakes. Part of it was dried up mud. Actually a lot of it was dried up mud. In fact, we didn’t even walk to where there was no dried up mud. Instead, Iluka and I and mum walked on the dried up mud trying not to sink. Dad was to heavy to try!!!

And so, that bring us to the end of our Sunday Adventure. I really hoped you enjoyed reading it and have a good week 🙂

Bye for now!!!

HorseCrazyKai xxx


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