A Bounty of Butterflies and Bees

Hello Everyone!!

Guess what has been flying around our house in large numbers? Butterflies and Bees!!

As you may know, my family has a hive of native bees and for the last week and half those bees have been swarming everywhere! Whenever you walk out the door you can swipe your hand through the air and catch some bees! Luckily, native bees are sting less so we don’t have worry about getting stung!!

And, to add to that there have been thousands (well, hundreds at least) of Caper White butterflies in south east Queensland on a migration. They fly west to the Great Dividing range to lay their eggs and then, once they are done, they come back east.

The butterflies often migrate at this time of year but the numbers that have been seen this year only occur every six to ten years.

They are flying everywhere, including over the water! They are pushed out by the wind and some of those poor butterflies can’t make it back onto land and they die in the ocean😦

Also, Iluka, Mum and I have been watching the cocoon of a Jezebel Delias butterfly and we got to see it emerge from the cocoon! It was so pretty! Butterflies stay in their cocoon for approximately 2 weeks but it depends on the kind of butterfly.

I hope have enjoyed reading this post about the swarms of bees and butterflies.

Have a great day!

HorseCrazyKai xx

P.S. Have you seen any butterflies swarming at your house?



2 thoughts on “A Bounty of Butterflies and Bees

  1. Oh my! That Jezebel delias butterfly, what a treat, I’ve never seen one. Are they native to Fraser Island?
    The caper white butterflies were amazing. We had so many fluttering around us as we worked in the garden, Lionel said it looked like it was snowing. We also had a one day invasion of tiny fly like insects. They came through the screens and dimmed the lights as there were so many covering it. But they were all gone the next day, so I’m not sure what that miracle was about. Thanks so much for sharing that Kai, it has definitely been an insect filled week.

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