Terrific Tamworth Part 2


Here I present you with Terrific Tamworth Part 2. If you have read my last post Terrific Tamworth Part 1 you will know that I have in Tamworth NSW visiting my Nonna and Poppy. I have had such a wonderful time and I hope you have enjoyed reading about it.Anyway, this is what has happened over the last few days.

On Thursday morning Iluka, Mum, Rosie (The Jack Russell) and I spent the morning at Nonna and Poppy’s Function Centre/Vineyard, Tangaratta. It is a beautiful place and if you are in Tamworth and need a venue for a  function or wedding check it out!

Here are some photos from that wonderful morning:

The next day we spent around the house, doing school work and bouncing on the trampoline. My cousin Zali and Aunty Amber also arrived then and we had fun hanging out with them. In the evening we went to a fete. It was really fun and Iluka and I walked around and eating lots of lollies that we won!! There we pony rides there and I (being horse-crazy) had to go over and see them!

On Saturday, Iluka and I had another great riding lesson.We did some trotting and weaving through poles and trotting over cross poles. We then mucked out stalls and groomed horses and then led a tiny pony over some little jumps at a trot.

Then on Sunday afternoon we went to the Tamworth Bicentenial Park for a concert. It was cool but I spent most of my time on the playground!!

On Monday we spent the day doing school and then we went out to Tangaratta and I did some lawn mowing.

gThen our cousin Nicole came over for dinner and Iluka and I had lots of fun with her, especially when we went to the park!

The next day was Tuesday, the day we would leave Tamworth. We had a pretty pleasant drive down to Byron Bay. We are staying with some friends at the moment and having a nice relaxing time.

I hope you all really enjoyed reading Terrific Tamworth Part 2.

See you next time!!

HorseCrazyKai xx


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