Terrific Tamworth Part 1

Hello Everyone!!

At the moment I am in Tamworth, New South Wales with my mum and Iluka, visiting my Nonna and Poppy. Vanilla and Starlight have come with me and they love hanging out with Nonna’s chickens and chasing her sheep!

So far I have had a great time. On Saturday morning I went for a riding lesson at St George Horse Centre. I rode a mare named Rose and did some trotting and then some weaving through poles and then some relays. My team won one of them and the other team won the other!!

We have also been doing lots of shopping while we are here: clothes, shoes, food and other stuff.

And when we haven’t been out and about we have hung around at Nonna’s house and bounced on the trampoline and played with Nonna and Poppy’s pets: Rosie, the cheeky Jack Russel and Smokey the timid kitten.

Then, on Tuesday, Iluka and I had another riding lesson. I did some trotting and jumping and finally got Rose to canter!! Since she didn’t pick her feet up properly at a trot over jumps I cantered the jump!!

On Wednesday we went to the Bicentennial Park and Iluka and I had heaps of fun. There is this cool sky-walk and big slides and a long flying fox! It is very different to Island Life!!


I hope you have enjoyed reading Terrific Tamworth Part 1 and stay tuned for Terrific Tamworth Part 2!!

Have a great day!

HorseCrazyKai xx


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