It’s Spring!

Hello Everyone!

I am in Hervey Bay at the moment and our garden here is covered in flowers. There is so much colour around as all the flowers bloom, ready for the plant to fruit/set seed.

Here are some of the beautiful flowers that I would like to show you:


These beautiful lilies have been opening up all over the garden. They only stay open for one day and when they do it is worth taking a picture 🙂


This rose plant has been in the garden 3 years and a flower from it is always welcome 🙂 It also has the most divine smell 🙂

And lilly pilly tree starts to flower and fruit again:) We can’t wait to taste the fruit!


Yay! The Mulberry tree is fruiting!

And the sunflower has flowered!!!

These flowers have also been a beautiful addition of colour to the garden 🙂

I hope you have all enjoyed seeing the flowers as much as I have 🙂

Have an awesome day!!

HorseCrazyKai xxx


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