I am 11!!

So on the 10 of September I turned 11! I am now a tweenager 🙂

On the day Mum took me horse riding on the beach at Rainbow Beach. I went with the Rainbow Beach Horse Rides team who I used to ride with a lot. Mum even rode with me!! She has not ridden since she was 21!

We both had a great ride. I rode a chestnut quarter horse mare named Alice. She was really nice. Mum rode a chestnut gelding name Destiny. I got to canter three times along the beach and mum got to trot a bit 🙂

Thank you to the team at Rainbow Beach Horse Rides for making this special ride possible 🙂

As for presents, I got a model horse, a model horse tack set, a dog figurine, some new jodhpur boots and some horsey activities. Some people said they still have presents coming in the mail for me 🙂

So, if you’re wondering what it feels like to now be 11, I don’t feel much different. It’s like that when you have birthdays, you’re suddenly a year older, you get lots of presents and people make a fuss over you but it actually doesn’t feel different. It’s just like a normal day.

So I have a question for readers about birthdays:

I hope you all have a great rest of your day!!

Kailani xxx


2 thoughts on “I am 11!!

    • Yeah, It was great 🙂 I guess that is kind of how I feel Oma but on my actual birthday I don’t feel older in either. As the year goes on I feel older though……..

      Kailani xx


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