Whales and Horses


The last two weekends I have a had a riding lesson and we have gone Humpback Whale Watching in Hervey Bay. I had some much fun both times!!

Last Sunday morning I went out whale watching with my friend Maggie. We saw lots of whales and even a couple of turtles!

We then went to Fraser Island and had a little look around on the beach. Near the creek behind the dunes there were lots of soldier crabs so you had to be careful where you walked!


That afternoon I went out to the Wide Bay Equestrian Park to have a lesson. I rode Eli, a brown thoroughbred gelding and I worked on cantering for the first time. I loved it! (Please note: My sister Iluka took the video)


And then, yesterday I had another riding lesson. This one was a group lesson and we did some barrels, jumping and cantering. I rode Eli again πŸ™‚


And today, Fathers Day, dad took me, my friend Iset and her dad out in the boat.

We went to Coongul Creek first to see the drowned car (I know it sounds weird: someone tried to drive their car across it and they got bogged.) Then we pulled up on the beach at Awinya and had lunch. It was really nice there and we all went swimming. Iset and I swam out to the boat, climbed in and jumped off the side. It was so much fun!

After that we went out to see some whales that we had spotted from the beach. There were two playing around in the water we got so close to them (or rather they came close to us πŸ™‚ and I even got to hop in the water with them at one point! It was so cool!!

After that we headed back to the harbour. We went our separate ways and now Dad and I are relaxing at home.

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!!

HorseCrazyKai xx

P.S. I am turning 11 on this coming Saturday!!


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