Our Cousins Come to Visit!! Part One

Hello!! I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic day πŸ™‚

I have some exciting news: Our cousins came to visit recently We have spent this week exploring K’gari with them and having lots of fun. We had 15 people staying in our house! Our Family, Ame’s family (Aunty Kris, Uncle Troy, Aidan 16yrs, Taylor 14yrs and Ame 10yrs) and Corrine’s family (Aunty Emma, Uncle Kurt, Oliva 16yrs, Joel 14yrs, Bryce 12yrs and Corrine 9yrs)

On Tuesday we went to Lake Mckenzie (Borangorra), Basin Lake and Central Station. We had lots of fun playing around in Lake Mckenzie and paddling around on the SUPs. We also went snorkeling and saw lots of reeds and organic matter but no fish or turtles!

Then we walked into Basin Lake. It was a very nice walk and the swim was awesome. It was here when we saw a amazing little animal, an Acid Frog. They can easily survive in the acidic waters of K’gari’s lakes and they are so cute!:

At Central Station we did the Wangoolba Creek boardwalk and then we walked to Pile Valley. It was a lovely way to finish off our day exploring πŸ™‚

The next day we got up early to go for a drive to the top part of the island. First we stopped at the Maheno Shipwreak for a look around

And then we climbed Indian Head (Takky Woorro) and it was fun and the view from the top was amazing πŸ™‚

And then we swam at Champange Pools. We saw lots of fish and there was even the Champange washing over the rocks. Amelessie, Corinne, Iluka and I sat on the rocks near the edge of the pool while the water washed over us. Sometimes the waves were so powerful that they pushed us off our perch on the rocks!!

After Champange Pools we drove up to Waddy Point and the boys went diving on the Marloo Wreak while the girls played in the sand, digging holes and making sand castles (Well, I made a sandcastle, the one you see below, Iluka and Mum made a sand castle city and Ame and Corinne dug a hole)


After that we drove to Indian head and the boys went diving again. Ame, Corrine, Iluka and I climbed a dune near-by and we made a little cubby thing. It was fun except we got lots of scratches from the pandanus fronds!


We then began our drive home stopping in at Red Canyon on the way.


We spent the next couple of days hanging out at home, swimming, riding hobby horses, telling stories and having lots of fun πŸ™‚

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the week my cousins came to the island. Stay tuned for Our Cousins Come to Visit part 2, where we will all drive up to 1770/Agnes Water and do stuff theΒ 1770/Agnes Water way!

Kailani, Starlight, Belle and Vanilla xx


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