Two Awesome Weekends: Part 1


How is everyone’s day/night going??

I have recently had two awesome weekends in a row and I want to tell you all about them!!

Part 1: Camping in Conondale National park

The first one was when Iluka, Dad and I went camping in the Conondale National Park. We had lots of fun swimming, taking photos, having camp fires and bush walking.

This is our campsite:

There was a waterhole near our camp and it was great for swimming in, especially in the morning when the water was not stired up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another treasure in the Conondale NP is  Boolumba Falls. There is a short walk in there which is beautiful and the falls are amazing!! On the walk in there we saw a Carpet Python!! It was just lying on the path in front of us.




Near the falls there was also a beautiful lookout over a valley:

And top off they great weekend we saw a very fat goanna!! It looked as if it was pregnant!!

We then drove back two Hervey Bay on the Sunday, while the memories of a great time swam though our head 🙂



Have an awesome day!!

Kailani&Starlight xxx

P.S. Stay tuned for Two Awesome Weekends: Part 2!!






6 thoughts on “Two Awesome Weekends: Part 1

  1. Sounds like you had a marvellous weekend Kai. Water looked like it would have been very refreshing, even a little cold. Loved your photo.

    Big hugs to you all and a rub down for Starlight.

    Love Oma & Opa.

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