My Trip to Hervey Bay.

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Are you enjoying the first day of school for this year?? I am.

I hope you all had great holidays and a great Australia Day. How did you celebrate? It was pretty rainy here so we did not do much but Dad and I made a stable for my toy horses. It turned out really good.

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I am writing this post to tell you about my trip to Hervey Bay. My Family and I spent the whole last week in Hervey Bay, sorting out our house that just been vacated by our tenant, catching up with friends, shopping, riding our bikes and having my first riding lesson at the Wide Bay Equestrian Park and doing lots of other things.

Here are some highlights:



A visit to the lake near our house – it was very quiet, peaceful and beautiful there at that time of night.


A visit to the Botanic Gardens with Iluka’s friends -it was very nice in there, except for the mosquitoes!!

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On Thursday we went to the Summer reading club break up party in the morning. That was very fun and there were some yummy things to eat for morning tea.

THEN we came home and had lunch. I changed in to my jodhpurs (riding pants), red checkered shirt and riding boots……BECAUSE…..

I was going to the Wide Bay Equestrian Park for the first time! Keira, my riding instructor, introduced me to the horse I was going to ride. She is a bay mare named Ally. Keira then gave me a tour of the tack room. I gave Ally a biscuit of hay and groomed her. Then I tacked her up, mounted and went to the area. Keira put me on a lunge line – a long lead rope attached to Ally’s bridle that makes her walk in circles around Keira. I practiced the rising trot, sitting trot and jump position. After woods my legs were a bit sore but I had soooooo much fun!!

A visit to the swimming pool was also of the highlights because it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, just like today and most of the summer days here (sometimes I really envy people in the northern hemisphere!!)!!!!!!!


 On Sunday we arrived back on the island…..

I hope you enjoyed reading about my time in Hervey Bay.

Have a great day!

Kailani&Starlight xxxx



5 thoughts on “My Trip to Hervey Bay.

  1. Sounds like a great time was had in Hervey Bay. Love the new way you have displayed your photos Kai. Sounds like your new riding school is going to be much fun and full of learning experiences.

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