My Visit to Lake Wabby

Hey Everyone,

Last Wednesday my family and I went for a walk in to Lake Wabby from the beach. It was a great walk. I had Vanilla as my companion. She is part Arabian and the walk was like an endurance ride for her. Arabians are very good at endurance just like all Hotblood Horses. Hotblood horses are from areas like Africa and are very agile and can survive for a while without food and water. Vanilla loved the ride a much as I did. Here are some photos of the ride/walk.


The view from the start of the walk/ride


Vanilla looks out to the sea


We start walking through the bush


Vanilla and I


I stop to take some photos and wait for mum and dad to catch up…………..



Can you see the sandblow through the trees?? We are nearly there!!


Here is the sandblow!!!!!!!!!!!


And here is the lake!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vanilla and I


We all went swimming (including Vanilla) in Fraser Islands deepest lake. Lake Wabby is being engulfed by a sand blow some we are making the most of the lake while it is still there 🙂 If you sit down in the water and stay still little fish will come and nibble your skin. I feels cool!!

We then started back towards the beach:


We had to duck under this branch!


We ventured back to the beach along this track.


The view out to the ocean on our way back….


Glad to be back at the beach Vanilla??

We were all as excited to get back to the car as we were when we got to the lake.By that time it was early dark and we were all very hungry, but we had a great walk still 🙂

Until next time Nayinbunna,


Kailani&Vanilla xxx




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