Faster, Faster, FASTER………………SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you had a great year of 2015, I certainly did.

I watched the Vincentia fireworks last night at Nine with Mum, Iluka, Oma, Opa, my cousin Ame and my Aunty Kristene. We had lots of fun watching the fireworks. Starlight came with me and he was not to bothered by the sound and seemed fascinated by the sight!! I said I would stay up until midnight but I was the only one in the house who chose this. I fell asleep a 11:40 PM!!

Today was a ย great New Years Day.

All the family went to Long Beach to go tubing and swimming, It was so fun.

When we got there the was a really cool rainbow ring around the sun. It is supposed to signal that some rain is going to fall in the next 24 hours?

My cousin Corinne and I went in the tube together very fassssssssst (that is why I called this post what I called it, the SLOW DOWN part comes later) I had to hold on tight so as not to bump off!! I had 2 turns with Corinne and then my last turn – the fastest and bumpiest time – I went with Corinne and Iluka, my Uncle Kurt was our crazy skipper and he loved going fast. We were going sooo fast, I was not paying attention and…………..I was in the water and the tube with Iluka and Corinne was ahead of me everyone was laughing (that was the SLOW DOWN part). When I got back in the tube Aunty Emma told me that Uncle Kurt thought he was awesome if he got someone of the tube, annoying!! I kept going though with Corinnie and Lukie and was paying attention so, even though I nearly fell off at least 5 times I didn’t fall of again.


Now I hope you all had a great New Years Day and will have a super 2016.

Oh, I almost forgot. New Years resolutions. I have two: To learn more and more about horse care and riding and to become a little more independent.. Do you have any New Years resolutions? If you want, tell me them in the comments, I’d love to read them ๐Ÿ™‚


The sun halo


The crowed beach


The beautiful beach


Mum and Dad paddle boarding


Our transport to Long Beach





Our Crazy Skipper


Our transport back to Callala Bay

See you later,

Kailani and Starlight xxx








4 thoughts on “Faster, Faster, FASTER………………SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Kai
    That sounded like a fantastic New YearsEve, and you nearly made it to midnight, nearly! Lol. Today would have been great fun, the photos look great. I went to sleep at 8pm as I was so tired but woke at 11.50pm, so I walked outside with Hummer and watched the stars until I heard people in the distance yelling Happy New Year, and then we both went back to our beds. So technically I saw the new year in. I have a few resolutions one of which is to draw at least another five pieces for a gallery showing that I’m aiming for in 2017. Happy new year, lots of love , Jen

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