Whales, Whales and More Whales

Guess what??

Sorry, I won’t give you time to guess because I will tell you straight away!

Recently, Dad organised for us to go Whale Watching with some friends in Hervey Bay (when I write Hervey Bay I mean in the bay!).

We left our house on Saturday afternoon and drove up the beach with Dad (Mum was in the town of Hervey Bay) listening to one of my favorite CDs: The Saddle Club; Best Friends!! We drove inland on a track towards the Western beach. As you have probably guessed I had Starlight in the horse trailer, I could not leave him behind!

We stopped at Lake Alom, where we were going to stay the night. We stayed in the Harold Charles Baracks, which has three rooms, a kitchen, laundry and a bathroom.Β The fun part about staying at the house was that there was no electricity and we had to use camp lights.

The next day we got going early to meet Tony and Marin in the boat. We drove for about an hour and then we got the beach. We loaded our stuff into the boat and we were off!!!!

Not long after we left the beach we saw our first whales in the distance it was a mum and bubba. Tony turned the engine down so we could creep up on them, it was so cool!!

When we drove away from those whales we kept seeing so many more, I even got to snorkel with a mum and bubba.

After a while we pulled in to shore and stopped to have a rest and a snack. It was a beautiful place between Watoomba Creek and Sandy Cape that had some tall, yellow sand dunes. One glance and I knew there was going to be no rest for me, sand dunes here I come!!

At the top of the sand dune the world looked amazing especially the ocean. I didn’t have a camera so I will have to describe it to you – the ocean looked like a reef, dark blue in some spots and light blue in others. It was a magical sight, well worth the hard, sweaty climb up πŸ™‚

We got back in the boat after a while and drove back to the deeper water, soon we saw a mum and bubba surface just next to us. They played around us for ages, it was so cool and the only time I got some photos. Here they are:

Here we come.........

Here we come………

Hello :)

Hello πŸ™‚





Blowhole close up

Blowhole close up

We passed by Watoomba Creek on our way home, it looked beautiful πŸ™‚ All the way back I lay on the front of the boat, feeling the wind in my hair and watching the world/ocean go by. It almost felt as good a cantering on horseback (though nothing feels as good as cantering on horseback!).

I hope you enjoyed reading about my whale watching trip.

Until next time, Nayinbunna (farewell)

Kailani and Starlight xxx

P.S. Would like to learn some Humpback-Whale-Ways??

  • A Humpback Whale is a baleen whale, meaning it has baleen not teeth. A baleen is like a filter. It filters the krill the whale eats from other things in the big mouthfuls of water a whale gets.
  • A newborn Humpback is 4-5m long and an adult is 11.5-15m long
  • Their birth weight is 1000-2000 kg and their adult weight is 25 000-30 000 kg !!!
  • Their dives usually last for 3-9 minutes but can be up to 45 minutes.

Pretty amazing creatures, huh πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Whales, Whales and More Whales

  1. Hi Kai, that sounded like an awesome day, especially the snorkeling part. I have a question about the whales that your Dad might be able to help you with. Somebody told me the whales are coming up the coast earlier and going back earlier. Is that true?
    Love Jen x
    P.s. Say hi to Starlight for me

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jen,
      Dad says that there is no evidence of the whale coming early and if anything they were 2 weeks late. Dad says that whales aren’t very good at reading a calendar! The time they come dependent on water temperature and natural triggers.

      Kailani and Starlight xxxxx


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