A New and Improved Kailani’s Island Life blog coming!!


I would like to announce the start of an new and improved Kailani’s Island Life blog that is coming. I have been reflecting on the way I run this blog recently and decided that I would like to run the blog in a different way.

I will still do post of places I visit and exciting things that I do but the way I write will be different. I will also write updates every 3-4-5 days about the happenings of this island and missions that I do with my family.

A new and special feature will be that I will be writing with and about my new hobby horse Starlight (I like to pretend he is real so you will have to get used to that!). He is a 6 year old gelding that I love to spend time with. I share my thoughts with him, take him on my special activity trips (if I can) and look after him very well due to all the research I have done on horses over the last 10-12 months.

What do you think about my idea for the New and Improved Kailani’s Island Life? Please give me some feedback below in the comments about what you think.

See Ya later,

Kailani xx



What did you think of the post? Let me know here :)

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