Guess What…………

Today I found out that I had won first place in the Hervey Bay Youth Writing competition!! The first place prize is $25!! I was (and still am!) so excited!!



I would love to share my story “Nellie’s Nest” with you.

Nellie’s Nest – The Story of a Burad Chick By Kailani Clifton

Nellie the Burad (Sea Eagle) woke to the sound of the sea, it was a beautiful autumn day and she was very hungry. Soon Nga bang (Mummy) was back with some tasty gabunya (Mullet). Nellie was now satisfied but a question was bothering her. “When can I leave the nest Mummy?”

“When you are old enough to fly” replied Mummy.

That night Nellie dreamt of gliding through the clouds.

In the morning when Nellie woke, her parents were out fishing. As usual, Nellie was hungry. Suddenly, there was a head poking in the nest and a tongue licking her. The little chick screamed for help. Mummy and Daddy came rushing to save her from the hungry goanna. They screeched and screamed at the goanna and finally it gave up – for that day.

As the Burad family watched the bright, orange full moon rise that night, Daddy shared a secret. “Nellie, you know we are not actually eagles, we are big kites and we are the second largest bird around here, you remember that”.

As she went to sleep Nellie thought about that, it is great to be a big kite she decided.

Next morning, when Nellie woke, her parents were hunting again. Nellie said to herself “why don’t they hurry up and come home, I’m REALLY hungry!” As if Mummy had heard her, she appeared through the trees, she had brought home a nice fat whiting. Nellie loved whiting, she could not wait to be able to fish for it herself. Goanna smelt  the fish from down below and decided it would be worth one more try if there was a chick and fish in the nest……….but of course she came down the tree with a bite on her back and no food.

3 ½ months passed.

Nellie woke and realised that her parents were home, “Good! You are home already” she said.

Daddy smiled, “We haven’t been anywhere today”.

“Why not?”

“Nellie you are old enough to find food for yourself now, so we are going to teach you.”




Nellie and flew off with her parents and just as she thought, it was great to fly…………………..

The End


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