An Exciting Morning ……..

This morning Dad woke me up with a surprise. He had the idea that Iluka, he and I should go down to the  beach airstrip and ask if we could have a scenic flight around the place. The pilot said yes and we boarded the little, single-engine, 6-seater plane.


The view was amazing from up there, as we flew along the ocean towards Eurong, then we turned inland and flew over the forest, it looked like a carpet of small shrubs but actually (like most you know) it was a living rain forest full of trees and plants of all different sizes. We also flew by (or over) the central lakes, including the stingray shaped Lake McKenzie. They looked a lot smaller from the air. Then we came back along the beach and we were about to land…. but then we took off again and flew out over the ocean. Then I saw a real stingray!



Our House!

Our House!







Lake Wabby is being engulfed by a sand blow!!



Tiny Basin Lake

Tiny Basin Lake

Lake McKenzie (Borangoora), The stingray shaped lake!

Lake McKenzie (Borangoora), The stingray shaped lake!

Lake Birabeen

Lake Birabeen

Smoke from a burn-off

Smoke from a burn-off





We had a fantastic time and it was a great way to start a winter Sunday.

Kailani xx

P.S. These are some photos from our walk home from the airstrip.





6 thoughts on “An Exciting Morning ……..

  1. The view from up high looks amazing and really gives you a fantastic look at how big the island is. I must do that! Your Dad is awesome giving you such a great surprise. Xx

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