Our Trip to Bowarrady Creek

Recently Dad, Iluka and I went to Bowarrady Creek on the western beach. It was a daddy daughter weekend at one of my favorite places on K’gari.  It was a great weekend starting with Friday’s sunset:


And the beautiful moon.


Now let me tell you about Bowarrady – Bowarrady creek is a little creek starting in the middle of the island. For ages it has been one of my favorite places to visit in our boat when we lived in Hervey Bay. There are not many mozzies or midgies and the creek is beautiful for swimming but is sometimes a little cold! The only dingoes over there are wild, if they even come close they go away when you clap loudly 🙂 Not many people go there and the place is just beautiful………..

The next day was full of fishing and swimming (not that more than one fish was caught!) and walking. Iluka and I had our dolls with us and collected lots of rubbish and shells for their food. I also took my dolls Kala, 11 years old and Ruby, 7 years old for a walk, then I went for a swim in the cold water.








We stayed at Bowarrady for a few days and had lots of fun we also collected alot of treasures!! You should have seen the car when we got back, full of sticks, shells, sponges, rubbish, clothes, people, books and rainy day activities (that we never used, I always over pack!!) and so much more.

I hope you liked heaing about my trip to Bowarrady Creek and have a great day (or night)

Kailani xx

Good Bye B-)

Good Bye 🙂



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