Take 3 for the Sea Update

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Do you remember the  Take 3 for the Sea Project? It has been several months since my family did the “Take 3 for the Sea Project” but we haven’t stopped picking up rubbish. In the photo below you can see what we picked up in just a week! This included 41 plastic bottles, 97 plastic bags and plastic wrapping and 61 plastic bits!!

Rubbish, Rubbish was on the beach

Rubbish, Rubbish was on the beach

The rubbish you see above was collected after Cyclone Marcia hit further north. The king tides we had down here washed most of it on to shore and some was uncovered as sand was washed off the beach.

The Take 3 for the Sea Team (my mum, my sister and I) have been thinking about changing the name of this project to Take 3 for K’gari. We are going to encourage people that when they come to K’gari (or any place in the world for that matter) to pick up some rubbish and leave the place better than they found it. We hope that this will also make people think about not leaving rubbish behind.

Did you know that on K’gari there are approximately 250,000 visitor nights each year? So if 3 pieces of rubbish were picked up for each visitor night that would be 750,000 pieces of rubbish collected!!! I worked out that the Take 3 for K’gari team can only pick up 3654 pieces of rubbish each year (if we 3 pick up 3 pieces every single day). So we need everyone who comes to visit to help make K’gari an even more beautiful place.

We are planning to create a video to encourage people to pick up rubbish when they visit K’gari.

As for banning plastic bags well….. we can still try to ban plastic bags in Hervey Bay, but that is not going to take away all the plastic in the world and stop rubbish washing up on the beach, is it? Really we each need to be responsible for our choices and do what we think is right.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Take 3 for the Sea/Take 3 for K’gari Project and always remember YOU can make a difference, pick up rubbish wherever you see it, even if you didn’t drop it and leave a place/s better than you found it. I want people to care for this earth because it is my home and your home and everything’s home 🙂


 P.S. Please share this post with friends, family, and any people you know who are coming to K’gari. You can even reblog on your own blog if you like. Thank you xxx


One thought on “Take 3 for the Sea Update

  1. It’s such an awesome thing that you’re doing and I think your idea for Fraser Island is amazing. Lionel and I pick up rubbish whenever we go walking on the jetty or along the beach. I’m surprised if we can’t find rubbish which is kind of sad.
    Great work Kai and Iluka.

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