December and January on K’gari

Hello everyone, let me tell you about what my family noticed in December 2014 and January 2015:

  • Little jellyfish looking things are appearing.
  • We are getting lots of Summer Storms including wonderful lightning shows, heavy rains and thunder. Some days it is overcast all day with sudden downpours for three seconds every now and then. There is so much humidity!!!!!!!! It is sooooooooo hot!!
  • The sudden changes in the weather are amazing – It can be very hot in the morning then be raining heavily in the afternoon, wow!
  • Cicadas are singing, sometimes so loud to the point that need to cover my ears!!
  • At the start of December we saw lots and lots of little baby cane toads – Some still had their tails, even though they cause so much trouble it was cool to see this metamorphosis (If you worry about the impact cane toads have in Australia think of it this way, how much damage have us humans caused to the earth? It was us who brought cane toads to Australia anyway. They are still living creatures).
  • I caught  a dart all myself at the start of December 🙂
  • Dad caught a normal tailor and a huge tailor
  • Baby spiders were coming out in the start of January.
  • We have had a new goanna move in to our yard, I named it Caramel.
  • It’s turtle nesting season – Loggerhead and Green turtles come to nest on K’gari’s beaches.
  • Not as much pig face fruit as the last few months 😦
  • Butterflies seem to always be fluttering gracefully over the ocean when we go swimming 🙂
  • There have been lot of beautiful sunsets and sunrises especially the one on New Years Day 🙂





Normal sized and huge tailor

Normal sized and huge tailor

An eyelash looking Jellyfish

An eyelash looking Jellyfish

Funny looking Jellyfish

Funny looking Jellyfish

Cute little crab :)

Cute little crab 🙂

My little dart, yum

My little dart, yum


Beautiful butterfly :)

Beautiful butterfly 🙂


See you again,

Lots of love from Kailani xxxxx

P.S Please share your observations from where you live of these months……..




5 thoughts on “December and January on K’gari

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures Kai. It looks like you had a very exciting December and January. I’m enjoying hearing about your adventures (so is Iona through my email).

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  2. Natures seems to get really busy over your way through Summer. We also had a goanna come to visit us one day. He didn’t hang around long enough for me to give him a name. I just hope he safely made it to the local bush land down the road. He seemed like a young one, his colours were very bright.
    I’m enjoying the storms as well. We have had a few this year. Last Summer there was only one storm with lightning and thunder for the whole three months. This weather is more like the weather I remember as a child. Yes, I totally agree, it has been soooooo humid. I tried to do some gardening in it one day and got so hot that I threw myself under the outside shower to cool down. But the plants are loving it a lot. We have just potted up 50 vanilla vines. I’m sure they are growing 1cm a day.
    I look forward to your next post. Look after Caramel. X

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