The Pikes come to Visit

At the end of December came the time I had been waiting for!!

27th December 2014

My family had Christmas in Brisbane QLD and had lots of fun (my favorite things were swimming in the pool, spending time with family and opening presents 🙂 ). Then on our last day I had a surprise: Nonna, Poppy, Nan, Aunty Amber and Zali (my 3 year old cousin) were coming to visit!! I was so excited!! We packed up the next day and headed out of Brisbane – it took us about an hour due to traffic, very boring (if you live or have traveled though a city you will know this feeling) – once out of Brisbane we drove on the Sunshine Coast Motorway (still in a lot of traffic) heading to Forest Glen for lunch. On the way our Google navigator told us that there was a crash on the road ahead, not knowing if this was true or not we went off the road to the Steve Irwin way to bypass the crash. We had lunch in Forest Glen and just before Gympie there was another crash, this time we drove right past it. Finally at Inskip Point we let our tires down and drove onto the barge, phew!!

I love looking over the side of the barge gazing towards home it makes me feel……..connected to my home and its amazing dwellers 🙂


28th December 2014

Today we had a quiet morning at home getting visitors settled in and reading stories. As we were doing this we spotted Beauty running around our yard chasing Yellow Spot.


In the afternoon we had some fun at Eli Creek doing the drift and playing with Zali 🙂

DSCN3849 - Copy


Aunty Amber and Zali

Zali and I

DSCN3850 - Copy

29 December 2014:

Today it was time we showed our visitors Lake McKenzie and Central Station (they had attempted to go tho Lake McKenzie when Mummy was young but got lost!!).

First stop was Lake McKenzie for a refreshing swim





Now it’s time to go to Central Station – It was a twenty minute drive though the wonder filled Satinay-Brush Box forest:



Finally at Central Station we had lunch for we were all hungry!  Afterwards we headed to do the Central Station – Pile Valley walk.

It is a beautiful walk with amazingly tall trees, lovely orchids and one of my most favorite creeks – Wanggoolba Creek – a traditional birthing area for women that still holds beautiful magic for me. As I walk I wonder how would the forest have been back then – back then when Butchulla people still lived off and in harmony with the land; back then when it was still a birthing area; back then before white settlers came to log the beautiful forest for timber to build the Suez Canal and to rebuild the London docks after World War II. (for information see Fraser Island European history or Impacts of Logging Fraser Island)

Wangoollba creek

Wangoollba creek







 30 December 2014:

Today was another day at home though Nonna and Poppy did take us to Eurong to get a treat, mine was a donnut covered in pink icing and hundreds and thousands…….Yummy 🙂

 31 December 2014: 

 Today was Nonna and Poppy’s last day here so we tried to make the most of it. Mum was sick and Dad was working so we were limited in places we could go. We decided to go back to Eli Creek and had some more fun 🙂 A post from Iluka Clifton: Fun at Eli Creek will tell you more about this. As well as today being Nonna and Poppy’s last day here it was also New Years Day. As I was going to sleep I saw fireworks down at the beach 🙂

Thank you Nonna, Poppy, Nan, Aunty Amber and Zali for the part you play in my life and for sharing some lovely moments with us on your visit, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in my life and shared some special moments with me on my journey of life 🙂

Lots of love to you all, Kailani xxxx


2 thoughts on “The Pikes come to Visit

  1. Kailani this is a beautiful piece of work. Great prose and appropriate photos. A terrific record of our visit. Nan is very impressed. I thank you for the effort and thought you put into this. Lots of love Nonna and Poppy and Nan xxxooo


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