November on K’gari

Hello Everyone,

This post is about what my family has noticed on K’gari in November, we kept a sheet of paper that we wrote on each time we noticed something new.

 This is what we noticed:

  • March flies are still around.
  • Jelly fish are also still washing up, not as many as in October though.
  • A pygmy sperm whale washed up.
  • Grasshoppers are starting to appear around our garden.
  • Two goannas have moved into our yard. Iluka and I named them Yellow Spot and Beauty.
  • Reptiles seem to be out and about more. On a walk to Pile Valley we saw a goanna trying to steal eggs from a cockatoos nest!
  • Kauri pines drop their cones so watch your head!!!!
  • Soap bush seeds have all dropped to the ground.
  • Midgim berry are now flowering but we are still finding some fruit on inland walking tracks 🙂
  • Dianella is also fruiting.
  • Cicadas are welcoming summer.
  • We saw our first Christmas Beetle.
  • Turtles are coming in to nest at Sandy Cape.
  • Pig face are still flowering and fruiting which I think they do all year round?
  • It is getting verrrrrrry hot!
  • South-east winds are blowing sand around.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon,

Kailani 🙂

Midgem and dianella berrys

Midgem and dianella berrys

Christmas Beetle

Christmas Beetle

Pygmy Sperm whale

Pygmy Sperm whale


Iluka and I collecting Pig face. Yummmy :)

Iluka and I collecting Pig face. Yummmy 🙂

" This pig face is yummy"

” This pig face is yummy”

Beauty the Goanna

Beauty the Goanna

Soap bush losing their seeds.

Soap bush losing their seeds.


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