Take 3 for the Sea project

Last week  my mum, my sister and I started a project called “Take 3 for the Sea” where we pick up a bag of rubbish each (3 bags in total), 3 times a week for 3 weeks. This project is to help the sea and its creatures  and also to “leave a place a little bit better than we found it”, a saying we followed a lot on our Australian road trip .

At the end we  are going to weigh all the rubbish and then sort it all out into reusable, recyclable and rubbish. Iluka (my sister) and I are also going to make a dolls furniture set out of some reusable bits.

Most of the rubbish we have collected so far is small bits sometimes you might think the little bits don’t make a difference – but they do, for example  a small fish eats some plastic, then a bigger fish eats the the little fish then it gets the plastic, then a shark eats the big fish and it gets the plastic, then an orca eats the shark and it gets the plastic and it keeps going though the food chain.

Humans can ingest plastic this way to – a small fish eats some plastic, then a bigger fish eats the the little fish then  it gets the plastic, then a human eats the big fish.

On our rubbish collecting days we have found that not everything is on our side, the rain (on day 4) and the plovers (they must have babies in their nest or something like that) are being so protective and not letting us get a part of the beach where we can see lots of rubbish, anyway they’re cool!

How much rubbish do you think we will collect?

And remember you can make a difference too, pick up 3 bits of  rubbish each time you go to the beach, a river or creek or even a walk along the street in your town.


First day of our project


Second day of our project


Third day of our project


Forth day of our project

First week of our project

First week of our project

This project has been inspired by take 3.


4 thoughts on “Take 3 for the Sea project

  1. That is crazy Kai, I can’t believe all that rubbish was on the islands beaches. Well done to you, Iluka and Mum. Your blog is inspiring and lovely to read… Keep up the good work x

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  2. That is excellent Kai. I am taking a bag with me now wherever I walk and going to pick up rubbish. Often pick up rubbish from the beach but am starting to pick it up from other places too. Very encouraging. Love and kisses to you all from Callala Bay. We head off onto our months holiday with our friends on Saturday and I am going to try to write a blog as well so keep your eyes open for it.

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  3. We try to pick up any rubbish we see floating in the water, especially plastic bags. It’s sad that turtles eat them. I wish we had thought about the environmental impact of plastic before using it as throw away packaging.

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