A leopard or a seal

Dad came back one afternoon and told us there was a leopard seal washed up on the beach, so we went down to have a look. We saw that the seal had big shark bites on its tail and later found out that its spine was broken. The seal was quite thin and sick, it was also way off course – leopard seals live in Antarctica and should not be this far north.

Leopard seal

Leopard seal

Big and sharp teeth

Big and sharp teeth

A lot of people drove past us on the beach and stopped to have a look. Finally it was time for the rangers to lift the seal into the ute, they had calm it down first then they caught it with a net and put it on a sling and it took ten of them to lift it!

In the end the seal had to be euthanaised the next day because there was not much else the vet who came to see it could do about the poor thing. It was too weak to swim and it would probably stave to death anyway or get washed up again.

DSCN2610 DSCN2625


Leopard seal facts:

Female leopard seals have a gestation period of about nine months. Then, when ready to give birth they dig a hole in the ice and the pup is born live.The mum looks after her pup until he or she can look after themselves.

Sometimes a leopard seal will just play with a penguin but does not intend to eat it.

I got this information from Wikipedia

Thank you for reading 🙂

P.S.  This post is a bit out of date this happened a few weeks ago. Also some of my posts wont be in order because i can’t always work on my blog 🙂


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