Coming Home

Welcome to K’gari (Fraser Island) home of the Butchulla people, come and explore with me!


We caught the “Fraser venture” barge from River heads to Wanggoolba on Fraser Islands western beach, I was so exited. We drove through the satinay, tallowwood and palm forest on bumpy, welcoming roads.

Fraser Venture barge

Fraser Venture barge



We got to our house to find men putting a new roof on (luckily we could still go inside). We went in, Mum and Dad started preparing dinner while Iluka and I started cleaning out our own rooms which we had been wanting for ages. First I pulled the drawers out of my dresser and bedside table took them on to the veranda cleaned the dirt and cobwebs out of them, next I put them back in my room and filled my dresser with clothes. The job of cleaning out the house is going to take a week or more but we’re getting there, we also need to get a lot of our things from Hervey Bay. We had rice paper rolls for dinner and then had our first night of sleeping in our new house.

Sunrise on the eastern beach

Sunrise on the eastern beach


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